Kash Karnival proudly announces its acquisition of Kahnawake iGaming License, the update of v4.8.5 and loads of new features to be presented to you…


Kash Karnival Has Received the World’s First Pure Skill iGaming License

Since we embarked on our game changing vision to bring real money pure skill gaming to mainstream audiences, and to offer users a choice over simply wagering and betting on chance-based casino games, we always knew we were going to be up against a plethora of issues in getting our games recognized and endorsed by a slow, lumbering, old-school casino and wagering industry.

And true enough, we encountered so many hurdles and restrictions to bring out develop, operate and release real money wagering games of skill – nobody knew what to do with us! We released our first version of the Kash Karnival in 2015 in the App Store and Play Store. Much to our frustration, we had to remove the app from the stores as they did not recognize nor accept wagering on games of skill and required us to have a gaming license. The problem with that, though, was the fact that no gaming commission in the world, at the time, had any license provision for games of pure skill. We are not an operator of games of chance (online casino games, slots etc.) – and the only classes of license available to us were iGaming online casino games, or eSports. Sadly, as a result, we exited the App and Play stores, and relied only on operating from our Kash Karnival website.

After an exhaustive search and dealing with multiple gaming commissions (Malta, Philippines, Isle of Man), we finally commenced discussions with the Canadian Kahnawake Gaming Commission and after 6 months of testing and validating our games of pure skill, they finally agreed to grant us a license for our skill games! This effectively makes us the first company in the world to be licensed for real money pure skill gaming.


This is just the start for us. Getting the first license for pure skill gaming brings many benefits. We are now able to release our games to mainstream regulated markets on Apple App Store and Android App Stores. We are finally able to provide better payment mechanisms, platforms and choices to our consumers for depositing and withdrawing funds. Our advertising and marketing efforts can now be streamlined to comply with real money gaming regulations. Now that one gaming commission has licensed us, we will move on to secure other gaming licenses in other jurisdictions to expand our footprint and global expansion.


The future is in real money skill games for a whole new generation of players.


New Kash Karnival iOS and Android Release v4.8.5

We are now ready to deplore a brand-new version of the Kash Karnival on the Apple App Store and various Android App Stores! If you are an iPhone/iPad user, download our app on the App Store, be the first iOS players in the Kash Karnival and start winning cash and prizes!

New Release of iOS Version & v4.8.5 Major Updates!


Major Upgrades on Designs and Functionalities

New Lobby Design

We believe an outstanding design is the key to a good gaming experience. Step in our new lobby and find all the refined layouts and features we have for you.

New Release of iOS Version & v4.8.5 Major Updates!

New Kash Coins Panel

In the Kash Coin purchase section, it is now available to purchase flexible amounts through direct input, from 100 to 500,000 Kash Coins daily. This means you can cater your wagering to suit your gaming and winning styles.

New Release of iOS Version & v4.8.5 Major Updates!


Rewards Store Upgrade

We want the game to be rewarding, even if you lose sometimes. We give out Kash Rewards to you whenever you lose a real bet. In the new Rewards Store, you can redeem a variety of eGift Cards with the Kash Rewards you earned. From Apple Store, Amazon, Google Play, to Netflix and more! Buy any real-life items you want with the cards you redeem!

New Release of iOS Version & v4.8.5 Major Updates!


More Booster Card Packs Added to Store

What is better than knowing what you need and being able to get them? We now offer carefully curated and balanced Booster card packs for specific games – Power, Mod, Ultra, wrapped with different tiers of Diamond, Gold and Silver. Choose your desired Boost features and apply them in specific games to win easier, faster and more!

New Release of iOS Version & v4.8.5 Major Updates!

Revamped & Upgraded VIP Rewards

We value our VIPs and treat them as part of the Kash Karnival family. With the revamped and upgraded rewards, VIP players now receive a constant reward from day 1 to day 7, depending on your VIP Tier! Receive up to 5 Arcade Tickets and up to up to 50% of Kash Rewards for free. What’s more, you can receive our Login Rewards each day, to get extra Arcade Tickets, and Booster!

New Release of iOS Version & v4.8.5 Major Updates!


Refined Cash Out Process

Good news for our real money players – now you don’t have to buy gems to Cash Out! Simply submit your ID documents before making a real money purchase, you can then start winning coins and placing the Cash Out orders into real money when you have accumulated enough coins!

New Release of iOS Version & v4.8.5 Major Updates!


Early Bird Booster Rewards for Updated Players

To celebrate our big new fully licensed launch, from 24 June – 07 July, we are giving out our Early Bird Booster Rewards to thank you for supporting us throughout our journey. Upgrade your Kash Karnival app, and login your account to claim these awesome prizes:

– Diamond Welcome Pack (x8 Diamond Cards)
– 10,000 Kash Coins for new players
– 5000 Kash Rewards and 5 Arcade Tickets for existing spending customers
– Up to 30% Booster Card Pack sale storewide!

New Release of iOS Version & v4.8.5 Major Updates!

Woah, isn’t that a lot already? It’s been a long time coming and we are finally able to get our skill gaming train off and running to a fine start.


We look forward to being able to provide you all with a fine real money gaming service that rewards you for your skill in our games. Good luck and #playgameswincash.


See you in our next blog!


Team Kash Karnival


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New Release of iOS Version & v4.8.5 Major Updates!