Making a deposit in Canada and Australia

To add Kash Koins to your account you can send Canadian or Australian Dollars as a direct bank transfer. The exchange rate is 80 Kash Koins for $1 and all money transferred will be exchanged for Kash Koins. Once the transfer has been made we will deposit the Kash...

What if I exit the game ?

If you leave the game while you are playing it you are shown a warning and you will not be able to continue later and you will lose any winnings you have up until that point for this game.

What if my device shuts down during a game ?

If the iOS or Android device shuts down, experiences a loss of internet or the app force closes, the game will allow you rejoin it at the beginning of the level where you left off. We suggest you make sure that your device is fully charged and connected to a power...

Can I continue if I don’t pass a level?

Players will be given one chance to pay for a ‘Continue’ chance on each level if they fail to pass that level excluding level 10. Players will not be given a second ‘Continue’ chance on the same level.

What is a Profile Badge?

Our loyalty program is designed with you in mind so that every time you play one of the games in Kash Karnival you earn more points towards upgrading your profile status. As you earn more points you will upgrade your profile badge and gain access to exclusive offers...

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