We hope that every customer enjoys betting responsibly with the Kash Karnival, but we understand that you might want to opt for self-exclusion. If you need a break from gambling, Royal Wins offers a self-exclusion program. You can exclude yourself on either a temporary or permanent basis and can include options to prevent access to your account and betting services during the exclusion period.

Players can visit the Self-Exclusion tab available in the ‘My Account’ section of the Kash Karnival website and opt-in for either a 6-month or Permanent exclusion from the Kash Karnival game. Any person requesting self-exclusion will be supplied with appropriate self-exclusion information and guidance as to how to apply for these self-exclusion arrangements. Accounts which are closed by customers who do not request temporary or permanent exclusions can be re-opened.

Where customers elect to exclude themselves from betting services, Royal Wins will take reasonable steps to prevent the use of existing accounts or opening new accounts by that player. Persons who exclude themselves are encouraged to also seek exclusion from other betting providers. To learn more about self-exclusion, or apply for self-exclusion, please contact our support email at help@kashkarnival.com.au.


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