For as little as a first-time deposit of $1.00 players are upgraded to a Premium Account. Premium players will gain instant access to extra features and bonus daily rewards. All unlockable items can be viewed from the VIP Tier lists.

Real money purchases will reward VIP points towards your next VIP rank. Your current points earned, and VIP rank can be viewed from the main VIP window. VIP levels, and their unlockable features and rewards, are made available depending on the VIP level reached.

First time, or total, deposits will unlock VIP levels based on the following amounts:

VIP 1: $1.00 minimum deposit.

VIP 2: $10.00 minimum deposit.

VIP 3: $30.00 minimum deposit.

VIP 4: $50.00 minimum deposit.

VIP 5: $70.00 minimum deposit.

VIP 6: $100.00 minimum deposit.

VIP 7: $130.00 minimum deposit.

A player’s VIP points will slowly decay after 1 week. VIP points can be maintained through real money purchases. Players who reach VIP level 2 or higher will never fall below VIP level 2.


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How do I become a VIP member?