Skill games can be found in the Kash Kingdom which is accessible form the Kash Karnival Lobby. Players can play skill games for free or wager Kash Coins to win Kash Coins. Each skill game has 10 levels that the player can traverse through with level 10 being a x2 Royal Win jackpot. Passing level 10 will double the players level 10 winnings as shown on the Paytable which can be accessed from the right-side pop-out arrow.

Finishing a level will display the Level Complete panel showcasing the players earned points for the current level along with the Piggy Bank and Instant Cards VIP feature. Users can opt to ‘take win’ and return to the betting panel with their current winnings or they can ‘play on’ and start the next level to aim for a greater Kash Coin win.

Skill game pay tables will contain 2 level safe zones that when reached will ensure minimum Kash Coin loses for a game over. Optionally, players will be given a ‘Continue’ chance between every level should they fail to pass that level. This guarantees that if a game over almost occurs, you will not lose out and will be given a second chance.

Players can equip Booster Cards from the betting panel of skill games before their session.


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How do I play Kash Kingdom ‘Skill’ games?