Game Rules

Matching: Tap a group of 3 or more normal blocks of the same type to make a match and clear them.

Gold Cats: There are 3 cats in every level. Bring the 3 Cats together to match them and complete the level.

Turns: Each level has a limited number of turns available to match the Cats. Matching any group of normal blocks will cost a turn. Running out of turns will result in a game over!


Swap: You can hold and swipe in any direction to swap the position of two adjacent blocks. This swap will cost a move each time it is used.

Lever: You can tap the lever next to Clayton to activate this ability. Once activated, tap any cluster of normal blocks to change its color. Each color of block will be changed into a specific colour when the lever is used:

  • Purple blocks become Blue
  • Blue blocks become Green
  • Green blocks become Yellow
  • Yellow blocks become Red
  • Red blocks become Purple

Forfeit: If you’re stuck and can’t make any matches, then tap the forfeit button in the top left of the screen to give up.


Forming a match of 6 or more normal blocks will create a Power-Gem! Tap a Power-Gem on the grid to activate it. Once activated tap any block on the grid to target it with the Power-Gem, then tap again to confirm. You can also tap outside of the grid to cancel the Power-Gem activation.

Each color of normal block creates a different type of Power-Gem when matched:

Purple: Creates a Pickaxe Power-Gem. Activating it allows you to remove any single block that is on-screen.

Blue: Creates a Minecart Power-Gem. Activating it allows you to remove all blocks of a single type that are on-screen.

Green: Creates a Shovel Power-Gem. Activating it allows you to remove all blocks in a single column that are on-screen.

Yellow: Creates a Shovel Power-Gem. Activating it allows you to remove all blocks in a single row that are on-screen.

Red: Creates a Dynamite Power-Gem. Activating it allows you to remove all blocks in a 3×3 area that are on-screen.

Using a Power-Gem does not cost a turn.

Ultra-Power Gem

Excavator: This ability is unlocked by equipping an Excavator Ultra Booster Card before starting the game. Activate this ability to instantly transform 1 normal block of each color into a Power-Gem.


Overgrown Blocks: These are normal blocks that are covered in Ivy. Overgrown blocks cannot be matched. Make a match next to one to free it – making it possible to match.

Lava Blocks: These blocks will spread to any match-able block they land on! Power-Gems can be used to destroy these.

Unstable Blocks: Unstable blocks have a countdown timer on them and can’t be matched. They become an Immovable Block if not destroyed by a Power-Gem before their timer runs out.

Immovable Blocks: Immovable Blocks can’t be matched or destroyed, even by Power-Gems. A Gold Cat in any space above one will result in a Game Over.

Cursed Blocks (Boss level): In the final level of the game the Outlaw Mummy will appear. Each turn the Outlaw Mummy will transform one normal block into a Cursed Block. Cursed Blocks cannot be matched and will spread the curse to other blocks after each turn. Cursed blocks can be destroyed by Power-Gems.

Score Summary

Normal Matches: Points gained from forming matches of normal blocks.

Power-Gem Matches: Points gained from using power gems to clear blocks.

End-Game Bonus: At the end of the game leftover turns are converted into points.

Passing a 1000-point interval will grant the player extra turns.


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