Game Rules

Matches: When 3 or more Mojium of the same color become grouped on more than 1 side, they will form a match and be cleared from the Mojium grid. New Mojium will then be generated and fall into the grid to fill the vacant positions.

Targets: The objective of each level is to form matches of enough Mojium of each color to meet the target requirement on the left hand side of the screen. When all targets have been reduced to 0, the level is completed.

Turns: The player has a limited number of turns to match all targets. If the target count reaches 0 and there are still targets remaining, this will result in a Game Over.


Rotator: Players can rotate Mojium by holding on the center of 3 Mojium and dragging left or right.

Nano Rotator: Players will unlock the ability to move a Mojium column up or down by 1. To use, hold on a single Mojium and swipe up or down.

Power Gems

Power Gems have a chance to be created when new Mojium populate the grid or when forming matches of 4 or more Mojium. Their effects are activated when they are used to form a match. Mojium cleared by Power-Gem effects will not count towards the target requirement.

Mojium Destroyer: Matching a Mojium Destroyer will allow the player to destroy any Mojium on the grid.

Mojium Swap: Matching a Mojium Swap will allow you to swap any Mojium with another one.

Mojium Strike: Match 4 to create a Mojium Strike. Match it to destroy all Mojium in that column. Matching several Mojium Strikes together will multiply the score!

Mojium Atomic: Match 5 to create an Atomic Mojium. Matching it will remove all Mojium of that color. Matching several Atomic Mojium together will multiply the score!

Virus Blaster: Match 6 to create a Virus Blaster. Matching it will destroy all viruses and all Mojium 1 space away. Matching several Virus Blasters together will multiply the score and effect!

Ultra-Power Gem

Mojium Annihilator:  Unlock this ability by equipping a Mojium Annihilator Ultra Booster Card from the betting panel. When activated this ability will randomly transform several Mojium into power gems and detonate them instantly.

 Score Summary

Normal Matches: The player will receive 10 Points per Mojium matched.

Bonus Matches: Extra matches beyond the first made in a single turn will count as combo matches and grant extra points. These points value of each mojium will be increased by 1 for each successive match made as part of the combo. For example: a 2x combo will grant 10 points for each Mojium in the first match, then 11 for each Mojium in the second match.

End Game Bonus: Once all targets are cleared, any remaining moves will be used to transform blocks into Power-Gems and detonate them, generating extra points.

Passing an interval of 1000 total Points will reward 3 extra turns to the player. Points do not carry over between sessions, only through levels of the current session.


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