Game Rules

Ball Toss: Tap and gold, then swipe up to flick the ball forward. You can control the distance of the ball through the intensity of your swipe.

Targets: The objective of the game is to sink balls in the cups throughout the levels. Sink enough balls to reach the cup target to complete each level.

Ball Count: Each level has a limit on the number of balls that can be thrown. If the ball count reaches 0 without the target requirement being met, it will result in a Game Over.


Dance Off: Tap the activate button, located near the bottom of the screen, to enable your Dance Off ability. This will temporarily prevent all cups from moving and pauses the wind effect. This ability has limited uses each level

Rub Off: This feature becomes activated at the end of each level. Rub the screen to collect extra points. Passing 1000 points will award you an extra ball in the next level.

Power Gems

Power gems will appear inside random cups throughout each of the levels. Sink a ball in one of these cups to collect the Power-Gem and activate its effects:

Coffee Gem: Collecting this Power-Gem stops the movement of all cups for the next shot only.

Liquid Courage Gem: Collecting this Power-Gem increases the ball count by 1.

Wind Block Gem: Collecting this Power-Gem negates all wind effects for the next shot only.

Vacuum Gem:  Collecting this Power-Gem causes all cups to suck in balls that are nearby. This effect lasts for the next shot only.

Ultra-Power Gem

Up-Size: Unlock this ability by equipping an Up-Size Ultra Booster Card before the start of the game. Activating this ability triples the size of all cups for a single shot.


Wind: Some levels will have a wind effect, pushing the trajectory of thrown balls to either the left or the right. The direction is indicated by the position of the fan in the game area.

Moving Cups: Some levels will have cups that move left or right, making it harder to sink balls in them.

Teleporting Cups (Boss level): On the final level each of the cups will teleport to a new position at regular intervals.

Score Summary

Bouncing Scores: Each time a ball ricochets it will grant points.

Cup Bonus Scores: Points gained from sinking balls in each of the cups.

Rub-Off Score: Points gained from the rub-off feature.

Passing 1000 points will grant the player an extra ball.


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