Release v4.8.5 comes with the following updates and new features:

  • Kash Karnival is now available to play on the iOS App Store
  • Direct redemption of Kash Coins into real money (KYC identification process required)
  • Experience a fresh Kash Karnival with our completely new redesigned UI/UX across EVERYTHING!
  • Easily make deposits through our new ShuftiPro secured Kash Coin store.
  • Redeem Gift Cards for a range of awesome online outlets from Amazon to Netflix, and more!
  • Extended range of game specific Card Packs that offer (Ultra/Mod/Power) enhancements across 3 all-powerful tiers (Diamond/Gold/Silver)
  • Greater Daily Rewards that gift Arcade Tickets and Card Packs!
  • Better bonuses, more features, and access to the Premium Kash Karnival experience for all VIP members!
  • Secure, fast, and licensed – earn coins, win big, and Cash Out real money with a guaranteed 5-7 business day return.
  • For every $1 Cash Out earn equal Cash Out Miles that can be redeemed for incredible rewards to help you reel in that big win!
  • Convert points earned across Skill Games into Piggy Bank unlockable rewards. The more points you earn the greater the rewards!

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Release Notes v4.8.5