Game Rules

Sushi Toss: Tap and drag backwards to aim sushi, then release to fire. Sushi can ricochet off the sides of the game area multiple times but will be destroyed if it does not meet a cluster of sushi.

Sushi Clusters: Sushi blocks generate in clusters around a central block. The entire cluster will rotate when impacted by sushi, and any rotating sushi that touch the edge of the game area will be destroyed and cost a move. Any sushi cut off from the centre of a cluster will be automatically destroyed without costing a move.

Moves: Throwing a sushi will cost a move. Forming a match of 3 or more sushi will grant an extra move. Each level has a limited number of moves available and running out of moves will result in a Game Over.

Matching: Form matches of 3 sushi of the same type next to each other to form clear the sushi from the cluster and earn points.

Targets: The aim of each level is to clear enough Sushi Stars to reach the target count (shown in the bottom left of the screen). Forming a match of 3 or more sushi blocks next to a Sushi Star will remove it.


Sushi Swap: Ben will throw the left-most sushi in the sushi belt. You can tap the belt to swap to the next sushi. This ability has unlimited uses.

Sushi Morph: Tap the activate button to use the Sushi Morph ability! This will instantly swap all sushi on the belt for a new batch. Sushi Morph has limited uses each level.

Power Gems

Ice Sushi: Ice Sushi will prevent the sushi cluster from rotating and will prevent burning sushi from counting down while it is in the cluster. Ice Sushi will also match with any colour of sushi.

Sushi Shuriken: Sushi Shuriken will automatically clear the 4 outermost sushi from the cluster it hits. It also destroys itself and grants 1 move when used.

Rainbow Sushi: Rainbow Sushi can be matched with any colour of sushi.

Wasabi Sushi: Wasabi Sushi will blow up all sushi within a 2-block radius

Ultra-Power Gem

Sushi Link: This ability is unlocked by equipping a Sushi Link Ultra Power-Gem before the game starts. When activated, tap any sushi in a cluster to remove all sushi of that type from the cluster.


Burning Sushi: Burning sushi with a counter that decreases by 1 every time a move is used. Once the counter reaches 0, it will become a burnt sushi that cannot be matched.

Extra Sushi: If a match is not made making a move, a random selection of extra sushi will fly towards the sushi cluster and stick to it.

Danny Chow (Boss): Danny Chow appears in the final level of the game. He will throw rocks onto the board that block possible matches from being made. Rocks cannot be matched.

Score Summary

Sushi Matches: Points gained from forming matches of 3 or more normal sushi.

Bonus Matches: Whenever all Sushi stars are removed from a cluster, any remaining sushi in the cluster will automatically be matched for half the usual point value.

Power-Up Matches: Points gained from using Power-Gems to clear sushi.

Passing a 1000-point interval will grant the player extra moves.


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