Game Rules

Fly: Players can tap the screen to keep Betty afloat as she flies forward. Reach the end of each level to complete it.

Lives: Betty has a limited number of lives. Running out of lives will cause a Game Over.

Chimneys: Hitting a chimney or environmental obstacle will cause the player to lose a life. Chimneys can also move both left and right, making it more difficult to avoid.

Cats and Dogs: These enemies will try to attack Betty by flying on umbrellas or reaching for her from chimneys. Hitting one of them will cost a life.


Boomstick: Swipe forward to give Betty a boost forward. During this boost Betty will not fall due to gravity and will knock away any enemies in her path. This ability can be used any number of times.

Windfall: When the path starts to become cluttered, players can swipe up to activate Windfall and remove all obstacles on the screen.

Dodge: Swipe left to activate Dodge. This will allow Betty to jump atop her umbrella and boost in front of the obstacles for a short period of time.

Power Gems

Transmute: Collecting a Transmute Gem will turn all obstacles into Mojikan Hats for a limited time.

Deflate: Collecting a Deflate Gem will shrink Betty for a limited time.

Extra Life: Collecting an Extra Life Gem will regain one of Betty’s lives.

Auto-Maneuver: Collecting an Auto-Maneuver Gem will allow the player to freely move Betty up and down but will prevent the use of other abilities for a limited time.

Ultra-Power Gem

Bazooka Dooka: Equip this card via the Betting Panel. This can be increased up to a maximum count of 5 uses with the right Booster Card. When activated this will fire missiles at oncoming obstacles for a short time.

Score Summary

Collecting Hats:  Bronze Hats are worth: 1 Point | Silver Hats are worth: 2 Points | Gold Hats are worth: 4 Points

Dodging Enemies: Points gained from avoiding Enemies and Chimneys that pass Betty. Nearer misses will grant more points.

Enemies KO’d: Points gained for knocking away Cats and Dogs using the Boomstick Ability.

Passing an interval of 1000 points will grant the player an extra life.


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