Booster cards can be used in games at the start of a level which give you more power-ups during your game. They come in 5 levels: Normal, Big, Mega, Epic & Royal.

These cards can be obtained through daily login rewards, individual purchase and also in Booster Packs which have 3 sizes: Silver (3 cards), Gold (5 cards) & Diamond (8 cards). The better the card pack, the better the booster cards!

  1. Card Types

There are 3 types of game-specific cards which offer unique features:

Ultra-Cards: Contains cards with massive boost advantages.

Mod Cards: Instant increase of chances of reduction of obstacles and enemies throughout each level.

Power Cards: Boosts chances of receiving power gems at the start of each level.

  1. Card Boost Levels

There are 5 different Boost Levels: Normal, Big, Mega, Epic & Royal. The higher the level, the more powerful the boost.

  1. Card Pack Tiers

There are 3 tiers of each card pack: Silver, Gold & Diamond. All card packs are game specific.

Silver Ultra/Mod/Power Pack

3 Booster cards with basic advantages such as Extra Lives, Special Abilities, Power Gems, and more. Normal & Big Boost levels available.

Gold Ultra/Mod/Power Pack

5 cards with powerful advantages such as Extra Lives, Special Abilities, Power Gems, and more. Normal, Big & Mega Boost levels available.

Diamond Ultra/Mod/Power Pack

8 cards with superb advantages such as Greatly Increased Lives, Special Abilities, Power Gems and more. Normal, Big, Mega, Epic & Royal Booster levels available, with 1 guaranteed Epic or Royal Boost level.


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