Players have the option to log in and play Kash Karnival with a guest account. As a guest, players can free bet and play any and all games within the Kash Karnival. However, Guests are not permitted to Kash Out, redeem Kash Rewards for eCard Vouchers, redeem virtual prizes, and participate in any Kash Karnival promotions.

Guest accounts have the following limitations and restrictions that may change from time to time at the discretion of the Kash Karnival:

Kash Coins: Guests will not be able to purchase or receive Kash Coins.

Kash Rewards: Guests cannot earn Kash Rewards.

Kash Store: Guests will not be permitted to redeem Kash Reward for Gift Cards & Vouchers from the Rewards Store.

Promos: Guests cannot partake in any Kash Karnival promos.

Logging in Via Multiple Devices: Guest accounts are limited to one device.

Multiple Guest Accounts: If you have more than one guest account across different devices, only one may be converted and merged into a registered premium account.

Guest accounts can be converted into a full registered account at any time by simply signing in with an unregistered Facebook or Google account. All rewards and earnings will be transferred from the guest account to the registered account. Registered users have the same limitations as guests with the exception on in-app purchases and access to in-game promotions.

Registered accounts can convert to a Premium account at any time for as little as $1.00. Purchasing an in-game virtual item or depositing via the Kash Store will reset your free account and unlock all bonus rewards and extra features that are made available with the VIP system. Premium users also gain access to Cash Outs and Gift Card redemptions.


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What is the difference between a Guest Account and Premium Account?