There are a few places that you can see Kash Karnival’s latest promotions.

  1. The Kash Karnival App

Log in the Kash Karnival App. If there’s a promotion, a popup window will be displayed to notify you the event. If you don’t see the popup window again, you can also click the promotion button at the bottom left corner to view it.

There is also a message board in the main hub, which displays latest updates and ongoing promotions. Click on it to join the promotion.

  1. The Kash Karnival official Facebook page

The Kash Karnival’s official Facebook page and Instagram page always announce our latest and most important updates. Click the below links and follow our pages. You will see our most up-to-date posts.




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Where can I see Kash Karnival’s latest Promotions?