With the release of v4.4, Dastardly Deep got a complete overhaul!

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Kash Karnival blog! We are going to submerge ourselves into the new v4.4 update, which has completely improved upon the look and feel of our Skill Game, Dastardly Deep. Never has it been more thrilling to go dive underwater a fish on the go! There are many changes to the game, all of which will be covered over the course of this blog.

Additionally, we will provide a sneak peek at the horizon for our upcoming E-Sports ‘Betting’ Arena, where players can place multiple different bets and win across many exciting games. Think horse-racing, but on the go, anytime, and across several different game styles.

Alright! Let’s dive right in!


Dastardly Deep has many changes which are immediately obvious the moment you load up the game. Viktor’s core-weapon, the ‘Rifle’, no longer shoots nets, but instead fires multiple types of weapon ammo. Swap between 4 shot-types from the Weapon Panel at the bottom of the screen and tap anywhere on the fish to unless Viktor’s fury. Be sure to keep an eye on the level of Oxygen in Viktor’s tank as it depletes over time, so you shouldn’t dally too much.

Dastardly deep new ui

The first shot-type is the machine gun. This ammunition deals little damage, however, you have an infinite number of ammo and by holding your finger on the screen, it automatically rapid fires bullets. This is sure to keep your trigger-happy fingers firing away to your heart’s content!

Next, we have the Torpedo, which deals a damaging blow to your selected target. You should time your shots wisely and save this ammo for larger fish, like the Killer Whale, or to fend off floating Naval Mines that seek out Viktor.

Dastardly Deep Propelled Bomb

KABOOM! The next Weapon is the Propelled Bomb. As the name suggests, this launches an exploding bomb towards a group of fish. When it makes contact with a fish, it will explode and unless major damage across a large area. Time this with the new ‘Exploding Fish’ Power-Game, and fish that are caught in the explosion will combust, causing a chain reaction that damages and kills anything in the area. Now imagine dropping a lure to gather the fish before unleashing a bomb on them… phew talk about a big bang!

Another one of my favourites coming up is the Laser shot. This fires a large piercing beam at your target, destroying everything in caught in its path!

Do take note however, that outside of the machine gun, all the other shot types have limited ammo, and should be used with care.

Dastardly Deep Laser Shot

Moving on, did you notice the bubble around Viktor? What’s up with that? Well, my dear Karnivallers, the sea can be a dangerous place, and Viktor has come prepared for what lurks under. Viktor now has a protective bubble that protects him from any source of first-time damage. Once the bubble has taken a hit, it will burst and leave Viktor wide open to attacks. Worry not though, as the bubble will regenerate and come back after a short cool-down period!

The dangers of the ocean come in various shapes and sizes too. Puffer fish have returned, and you do not want to mess with them. Shooting one will deal damage to Viktor (or burst his bubble) so be careful with your trigger-happy fingers and skilfully plan each shot!

Viktor now must watch out for Naval Mines and the mighty Leviathan (and spawn). Both of which slowly inch towards him over time. Shoot them down before they reach him or be prepared for some pain! Every time Viktor takes direct damage, the oxygen bar takes a hit, so be mindful to not take too many hits.

Kash Reward Icon 2

Viktor has new plans in this new venture. Your goal is no longer to hunt specific fish to win. You now hunt for Koins that drop when a fish perishes. The harder to down the fish, the more Koins it will reward. This means the choice of which fish to go for is entirely yours, just be mindful not to disturb the Puffer Fish!

DD Power Gems

To top it all off, new Power-Gems have been introduced to spice things up! Examples of these awesome new Power-Gems include replenishing the Oxygen Bar, Replenishing Ammo, Slow-Time, Combustible Fish, and a few more that help Viktor along the way!

We hope you enjoy this rundown for Dastardly Deep, but before you jump right into it – we have a sneak peek at what is coming up on the horizon…


A little bird told me that there will be an entirely new district added to the Kash Karnival! Getting a little fatigued from constantly flexing your skills in the Skill Arcade? Worry not, as we will soon be introducing the E-sports Betting Arena, where players can win BIG while relaxing in-between Skill Games. eSports Arena will introduce new Games focused on quick wagers and therefore quick cash. Think horse racing, but on the go, anytime, and with tons of unique betting options.

eSports Arena will be kicked off with a our new game, soon to come, called Rev Rev Revolution. This table-top miniature car race, which would take place on exciting table-top race tracks will get your adrenaline pumping! Wager on which car will take the win, or opt in for more bet options to tailor your experience based on multiple possible outcomes that can occur during each race. Then sit back and let the chips fall where they may. Easy start, multiple bet options, quick cash while on the go.

I hope that revs up your interest and be sure to tune in and keep an eye out for more E-sports Arena news over these next few months.

Enjoy my fellow Kash Karnivallers, until next time – stay cool and #PlayGamesWinCash!

Kirkan Valash

Kash Karnival


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